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The red is a sea and the sea is a dream
Of amber bubbles and firefly fish
A volcano of steam and hot-sauna sun
Inside the world’s largest fish tank
But dreams are for heads and the rest is for bodies
Oceanic and everlasting and ever-changing
And the salt that fills my lungs is
A reconstruction of my insides
It burns like iced liquid and soothes like soft flames
And my organs fall prey to seasoning
I’m drowning and all it is
Is just adding in the preservatives
“You’re the one I love”
But he turned the other way
So I said it to his spine and I guess that was okay

I say to you
There’s nothing left that I can do
Cause there’s nothing left of me except the broken parts of you

You thought that I
Could fix the problems in your head
But my hands are just like hammers. They just strike until you’re dead

And lately I
Think of the future and the past
And how they are eternal but the present never lasts

But I digress
And shred the broken parts of you
Cause destruction of myself is just a healing process too

I tried to hit
The highest high note of the song
But it was one of those where no one else would sing along

I’m just alone
And just as broken as you are
But I’ve got aging on my skin along with several battle scars

I learn to grow
And you didn’t seem to know
When you told me I should never change I’d already let you go

So here’s to us
No here’s to me and here’s to you
And here’s to everything and anything we said we ought to do

But didn’t do
Because the stakes were much too high
Though the price to pay was nothing more than saying a goodbye

I guess that’s much
Too much to ask when we align
And the cost of being free was more than you and me combined

We are worth less
Than those worthless to the core
So let’s just stick together while together we’re worth more

It’s hard to breathe
When you have knives instead of lungs
And each word you try to say just brings more blood onto your tongue

So stop your speech
And leave the speaking up to me
And I will lie and lie and lie until the white falls off my teeth

I say I’m fine
As our crossbones intertwine
And the black flag rises slowly with your skull engulfing mine

It isn’t you
But it also isn’t me
Because nothing you have said has given me the chance to leave

So here I stay
As my eyelids wear away
And though I try to close my eyes your contours are engraved

Inside my head
So I guess that this is it
No more worries, no more setbacks, no more “ignorance is bliss”

I’m here to stay
And I know you’ll do the same
Since we only have each other and only each other to blame
Love You Love Me
sneep snop

this is a song and if you imagine a ukelele strumming softly in the background that would be nice
or maybe that would sound a little spongebob-ish
I want to take her by the hand
Lead her gently into the dark
And crush her between my fists
Blow the dust and ashes off my fingertips
And not leave a single trace behind

I want to devour her
To swallow her whole
And feel the push and pull of tidal waves behind my throat
Coursing through my veins

I want to destroy her
Blow her to smithereens
Feel her slip through my hands and caress her remains

I want to love her
Rip my heart out for her
Dump my contents out on a table
And watch my insides quiver softly
Feel an emptiness in my core

I want to need her
And shove her through the eye of a needle
Lock her up in the hole inside my soul

She says I’m going to ruin her
I say she’s going to be the death of me
So what happened was that I thought I could save you.
I thought I could make it all okay.

You know?

A quick pull of the trigger.

You know?

You wanted it.
Don't look at me like that.


So I did what I had to.
And when your body hit the floor.

There was this...This.


Thought that went through my head.
A zing! Across the fissures
That this is it.

you and me.


We are eternal because after all of this
you're not dead.
Not really.

You're still here. In my mind and I CAN'T CAN'T CAN'T CAN'T get you out.

And you’ve made it clear that you're here.
God. You're still here.

You're smothered in blood.
I've washed you, cleansed you in a righteous red
And the feeling oozes through me
Plasmatic control flows through my veins

You free me.
You are free, you hear me?

And when freedom rings it blows out my inner ear
the trigger pulled too close to the outer shell.
I don’t hear the thud of a body and I feel as if I am floating.

I am.

And the words I’m saying

Can you hear me?
Do I hear me?
Or am I talking to nothing.

Well I can’t hear you anymore.

I am numb.
I am blind.
I am mute.
I am dumb.


You wanted me to do it.
You wanted me to and I wanted you.

I wanted you.

Well, now you can have me.
You can have all of me.

Consume me. Devour me.

I am yours.


I am you.

And I’m starving.

I’m so, so starving.
Fissures Disrupted
this is a poem.

it belongs to me.

that is all.


Artist | Student | Literature
United States
There's not much to know about me.
I try to be a fancy poet. (I hope I succeed sometimes)
I draw anime, too. (but I probably won't put many drawing on here)
I'm a passionate person (on the inside)
I like artsy things (as do most people on deviantart)
I like to add unnecessary parentheses (so much fun)
:D *smiley face* (why is it green?)

Current Residence: my bedroom
Favourite genre of music: trip hop cabaret dance punk
Favourite style of art: ink, sketches, Van Gogh
Operating System: computer
Shell of choice: sea
Wallpaper of choice: Ryan Ross's face
Favourite cartoon character: Spongebob
Personal Quote: "Awkwardly social on the internet, socially awkward in real life"
  • Mood: Lazy
i haven't been on here since january...
i feel like school has just drained my creative juices
trickling down the pipes

there it goes

my motivation to write

(i've been drawing a lot more, though)

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